Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Quilts

I absolutely love the Arcadia fabrics and have quite the collection downstairs all saved up for something wonderful.  Just waiting on that muse!  This quilt was made with a pretty basic bricks pattern and then I flipped every other "brick." It wasn't for anyone and now it sits in my sewing room being occasionally touched and privately adored by me.
Arcadia Bricks Baby Quilt

This was for a friend who had a baby about a year ago.  What a sweet and simple quilt and so easy to put together.  The tutorial I used is here.  Hers is so darn sweet!
Hooray for Babies Quilt

This one is fun too. It would have been a very easy quilt to put together if I chose to read and follow the tutorial here. Although it is well written and easy to follow I like to make things up so I can use my seam ripper.   Where would I be without my seam ripper? 
Blushing Baby Quilt

This is a special quilt. I made it while I was pregnant with my now
3 1/2 year old daughter.  Daddy is a volunteer firefighter so she can use it when he is on shift and think of him.  
Firefighter Quilt

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