Sunday, April 17, 2011

wonky log cabin

Joining a wonky log cabin quilt along!  Look for the button on the right of this blog.  I am a blog novice (and, quite frankly, a quilting novice)!

These are very fun and addictive to put together!!  I've got loads of scraps and I've been wanting to do something scrappy with them for ages.

Blocks so far:

wonky lock cabin, a set on Flickr.

Now the question is...stop here with nine or keep going????


  1. Your blocks are lovely! Keep going!!!

  2. I love your blocks! Keep going!

  3. Keep going (if you want, of course). It needs more pink and orange!

    I clicked over here from Aneela's blog. I read your comment and totally agree. Kaffe Faucet's books were some of the first I picked up in the library and at the end they talked about the design process - he came up with the idea, but someone else executed it. Ugg! He came across as very arrogant.

    That being said, I am a horrible artist (so hats of to him and RK) and couldn't design fabric if my life depended on it, but there is another art of taking fabric and turning it into something more than itself and that is what we are all trying to do. And sometimes it works out better than others.

  4. Thanks! I ended up with 13 blocks before I was out of centerpiece kinds of fabric. I have 12 of them sashed with an inner border. I'm working on an outer border but it might be too scrappy to lay flat enough - we'll see.

  5. Emily - just adore what you did here! Now, 2 years later - do you have a picture of the finished product? Or did I miss the link somewhere? I would so enjoy putting the picture on my blog - or better yet, would you consider doing a guest post tutorial with a picture of the finished product on my potholdersplus?

    I so enjoy this newly found way to play with my fabrics and will be doing a lot of this in the future.