Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Owl Needlebook and Chickadee needlebook

So I participated in a needlebook swap and I had so many fun ideas I feel like there are still more I want to make!  Now I'm not a huge owl fan - in fact I am not a bird fan at all.  I can appreciate the cuteness of some of the fabrics out there - but in person I would prefer not to be too close to birds.  (My husband thinks I had some traumatic avian incident the memory of which I have blocked from my childhood)  At any rate this really caught my eye while I was seeking inspiration:

So I made one based on it - very similar.  I figure you need a needlebook for quilting and sewing and then a different one for embroidery, right?  And possibly some more for...pins?  and...other stuff??  

And closed:

This chickadee needlebook was made for a swap:

My first attempt at embroidery.  I've been messing around lately trying some stitches but this would be my first project from pattern to product!

The pattern can be found here

And these are the little clay pins I made to keep the inside cheery!

Forgot to take a pic of the pieced back - it was a slightly wonky log cabin sort of thing.  I was hoping for very wonky but I cut too straight!  Smiley


  1. These are absolutely adorable. The instructor of a class I'm taking right now pulled out a little needlebook for part of our project, and thought it was the most useful little thing. I love both of yours.

  2. OH! That owl needlebook is just brilliant! I love how his wing closes it. And great job with the chickadee stitching! First time? Really? Great job.
    I made a little hexie needlebook around Christmas and I love it! It's just really cool to always know where my pins and needles are, and to know that they're safe from little hands. :)